Let us help you launch your business.


Professionally designed, spacious studio suites that you decorate to suit your personal style. Single and double studios available.

  • Twelve-foot ceilings

  • Luxurious flooring, fixtures, and cabinetry

  • Pocket doors (most studios)

  • Retail shelving

  • Abundant storage

  • Mini-refrigerators

  • Acoustic privacy

  • Custom lighting

Studios are fully furnished with all the essential equipment so you can avoid the upfront costs associated with opening a traditional salon: in-suite shampoo bowl, styling chair and station, anti-fatigue mat, towel cabinet, and retail shelving. A separate color processing area is provided for guests to relax.

A beautiful, spa-like ambiance. Brilliant lighting, state-of-the-art interior design, and several seating areas make your clients feel comfortable and relaxed.

24/7 access to your studio

Free utilities except phone service

Free WiFi

Free on-site laundry

Free vacation and maternity leave (no rent!)

Free on-site continuing education

Large break room

Security cameras around the entire facility

Bluetooth sound systems 

Plenty of parking gives your clients fast, convenient access to your business.

Receptionist available during peak-hours to greet all clients and distribute walk-ins and call-ins. 

Online and on-site directory

Cleaning services in common areas

Carry any products for re-sale and determine and keep your mark-up (keep 100% of the profits!)


We're here to help. Here are answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions.


What are salon studios?

A salon studio is a private mini-salon operating under the same roof as a collection of other independent mini-salons. It allows salon professionals to take ownership of their business and reap 100% of the profits, without the difficulties or risk traditional salon owners face.


What do I need to operate my own business in a Salon Studio?

You need a current state license, a business license, a resale tax license (if you plan to sell product), and liability insurance. We can assist you in getting all of the necessary documents.


Will you provide any additional support to help me launch my business?

Yes. We've got you covered, helping you with the necessary forms, tips, and information to help get your business on track for success. You'll also receive access to special deals on retail, discounted online scheduling, on-site continuing education, complimentary mentorship, and more. We will assist you in all aspects of start-up—you are not alone!


How are salon studios different from traditional salons or booth rental?

You are the business owner of your own salon—that makes YOU the boss. Set your own hours and pricing, choose your products, decorate to suit your personal style, and best of all, reap 100% of the profits. Having an individual studio grants you privacy, security, and independence. Plus, it comes with everything you need to get started!


Who can rent a salon studio?

Our studios can be customized for hair stylists, estheticians, massage therapists, nail technicians, cosmetologists, makeup artists, and more. Studios are designed to fit each professional’s particular needs. 


Can more than one person work in the same studio?

Yes. We have a variety of floor plans that accommodate more than one salon professional.


Can I decorate my studio?

Absolutely—we encourage it! Choose your own paint, décor, and music to reflect your personal style and creativity.


Will my income increase?

Yes! You will no longer have to pay a large portion of your profits in commission. Instead, all profits from services and retail go straight into your pocket. Owning your own business also grants you opportunities for tax deductions.